Audio Gear

Audio Gear

Here are a few examples for customized solutions of Audio gear.

GPI Control Panel, 19″, 2RU for Stage Tec Nexus

XRI Panel frontGPI Panel back

GPI Controller Panel for Stage Tec Nexus Relais-Interface card with 24 illuminated Push-Buttons and Headphone Amplifier. Used by many Stage Tec customers as Monitorpanel for Nexus Resources.

Mute-Box with Footswitch for Phantom-Powered Microphones.

No Battery needed !


Footswitch to Mute any analogue signal without noise. Even Condenser-Mics can be muted seamless with this tool.

passive Headphone Limiter to protect your Ears


passive Headphone Limiter

This passive Limiter protects your Ears from High-Peaks.

Limiter starts acting at -4 dBV




If you need any special Audio Gear for your project, don’t hesitate to contact me for a solution and a quote.